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Submissions are closed for the 13th Awards for Distinction. Details and guidelines for the next edition of the Awards for Distinction will be available in late 2024.



6 October 2023
Submissions open
27 October 2023
Submissions close
27 October – 2 December 2023
Pitch sessions for shortlisted entries
Week of 15 January 2024
Winner announcements
Early 2024
Awards for Distinction Gala Dinner

Asked questions

Is my institution required to submit an entry to be considered for an award?
Yes. To be considered for an award, your institution is required to submit a category-specific entry in line with the procedures and criteria outlined in this document, notwithstanding a few exceptions. Awards for individual persons do not require formal entries, although input is welcome from the industry. Furthermore, some awards require participating organisations to provide a completed submission sheet as part of the submission.
Where can I find the submission sheets for the categories that require them?
The submission sheets will be available on the Awards section of from 6 October 2023.
Is an in-person pitch necessary to be considered for an award or is an electronic/physical submission sufficient?
APB strongly encourages in-person (or video conference) pitches that supplement entries, which are invaluable for all parties involved as they provide an opportunity to discuss the finer points of a submission on a background basis.
Can my institution pitch for multiple awards at the same time?
While an individual submission is required for each category, participants may pitch for multiple awards during a single session.
What is the time period under consideration?
The timing of the Awards means we are unable to consider performance over a full calendar year. Instead, we ask for year-to-date information with guidance on the remaining months.
Does an institution’s size affect its chances of winning an award?
No. The criteria has been carefully designed to mitigate scale-based bias. We recognise that for a number of categories, larger institutions may have at their disposal resources and budgets that smaller institutions do not. However, the Judging Panel, in making its decisions, prioritises quality and sustainable growth in the context of an institution’s proposition and niche within a 12-month window.
What language can I submit in?
Where possible, submit in English. If you would prefer to submit in another language, please contact before doing so to discuss arrangements.
Is there a submission fee?
Are deadline extensions possible if my institution requires extra time to make a submission?
No. Due to the overwhelming number of entries we receive, deadlines will be strictly observed. However, if we are unable to facilitate your request for a pitching session due to scheduling conflicts, please contact to discuss alternative arrangements.
When will the winners be announced?
Formal announcements will be made over the week of 15 January 2024 and winners will be notified ahead of time on an embargoed basis.
When is the Awards for Distinction Gala Dinner?
The Awards for Distinction Gala Dinner will be held in early 2024.

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