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From dips to leaps

Asia’s private banking AUM surges over 15%

After recording outflows in 2022, private banks bounced back in 2023 recording an increase in assets under management (AUM), with many achieving double-digit growth. As private banks fiercely vie for the top spot, the race heats up with razor-close figures. Yet, amid the victories, a stark truth emerges: some institutions still grapple with outflows, underscoring the challenges faced by the region’s private banking sector.

Asia’s wealth continuum sees AUM growth

Five key players to watch

As Asia’s retail-linked banks harness their local expertise and regional presence to meet the evolving needs of clients across the wealth spectrum, including the rising segment of emerging affluent, attention turns to the performance of key players. How do HSBC, Citi, DBS, Standard Chartered, and UOB compare?

Sustainable investment AUM: 2023 vs 2022

Over 20% increase, some show progress, some dip

Private banks are continuing to direct funds towards initiatives with positive environmental and social impacts, reflecting the growing trend of sustainable investing. However, the comparison between 2023 and 2022 reveals a mixed picture, with some banks experiencing notable increases in AUM for sustainable investments while others made slower progress.

Amid cutbacks, new RM hires surge

Numerous risers and fallers

Due to consolidation and cutbacks in some private banks, leading to an influx of relationship managers (RM) seeking employment, private banks now have a plethora of options. Data shows increased hiring and varied outcomes in AUM per RM.

Exclusive source for Asia’s DPM data

Private banks maintain stable AUM penetration

Amid ongoing debates fuelled by prevailing scepticism surrounding asset allocation, portfolio management, and investment control, only one private bank has advanced to the next level in discretionary portfolio management (DPM).