Technology Awards 2023 – Tech House of the Year

Tech House of the Year



Tech House of the Year

Benny Cheng

technology director

This recent recognition holds significant value as it acknowledges not only the technological expertise of our team but also the industry know-how and invaluable connections we offer to clients within the private wealth management ecosystem.

We firmly believe that a technology provider’s role extends beyond mere client requests to actively provide insights and updates on market trends, areas for enhancing competitiveness, and strategic guidance.

Similarly, through our technology partnerships with numerous banks, securities firms and financial institutions, we proactively advocate for our clients by conveying their requirements and driving improvements in technology infrastructure to ensure optimal outcomes. Our commitment is to consistently deliver the best solutions for our clients in their pursuit of success.

What was behind the judges’ decision?

  • EasyView demonstrated to the Technology Awards judging panel that it saw significant growth across both its CRM and portfolio management offerings during the period under consideration, not just in terms of revenues but also new markets and client wins
  • The company has added significant value for clients both from IAMs/MFOs and private banks. Some of the ways in which it has done so include account opening and RM referral between family offices and private banks. EasyView has also assisted private banks in attracting more IAMs/MFOs to their respective platforms
  • EasyView has also proved its capability to strike value-add partnerships with private banking stakeholders in Asia Pacific. For example, in 2023 the company became the first player in Greater China to join UBS AssetLink, a select group of approved software providers for the Swiss banking giant’s clients

What we said

“With a client base encompassing single family offices, MFOs/IAMs, and private banks, EasyView has forged a stellar reputation for its commitment to both technology and supporting its clients,” said Daniel Shane, editor of Asian Private Banker and chair of the Technology Awards.

“Across its CRM and portfolio management solutions, EasyView serves more than 100 clients in markets including Hong Kong, Singapore and the UAE, as it enjoys substantial growth across the broader region. The company’s deep-rooted connections with key stakeholders across the industry ensure that EasyView stands head and shoulders above its competitors, acting as a super-connector in the Asia wealth sector.”

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