Awards for Distinction 2022 – Best Private Bank – Fund Advisory

Best Private Bank Fund Advisory


Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Asia

Best Private Bank – Fund Advisory

Nathan Lim

co-head of Investment Management Services

We are honoured to be awarded Best Private Bank – Fund Advisory.

2022 was one of the most challenging years for investors of this generation, marked by multi-polar responses to the COVID-19 pandemic, inflation and monetary policy. This environment highlighted the importance of portfolio diversification, investment management expertise and professional advice.

With a view to offering better choices and better protections for its UHNW clients, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Asia focused on its high-conviction shelf of funds and strengthened its independent manager due diligence resources.

Because advice has shown itself to be one of the most effective risk mitigants over the longer term, fund advisory solutions took centre stage, with portfolios designed to manage cash or to balance exposures becoming increasingly desirable.

We keep investing in the funds advisory platform to provide UHNW clients with first-class fund resources that meet their long-term wealth objectives.

What was behind the judges’ decision?

  • In terms of assembling a product shelf designed for a period of rising interest rates, soaring inflation, supply chain pressure, geopolitical tensions and – ultimately – tumbling markets that few in the industry predicted, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Asia has few peers. Among the top themes that guided the fund suite in 2022 were inflationary commodities, liquid alternatives and defensive equities. As a result, few could match the Wall Street bank in fund recommendations for protecting clients’ capital during these uncertain times
  • In 2022, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Asia added substantial resources to its on-the-ground product due diligence team, bulking this up to four individuals, to ensure the robustness, independence and efficiency of the way in which the bank scrutinises and on-boards funds. The lender has expanded its product specialist team across Hong Kong and Singapore to better help clients navigate fund choices
  • The bank demonstrated its strong capacity to innovate on the funds side, despite tough market conditions. Its Advisory Portfolio Management service, which launched in 2022, provides customised fund solutions for clients around certain themes. The bank’s new omnibus account service has simplified the trading of hedge funds on the platform
  • Across key metrics on the fund advisory business, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Asia was a standout in 2022, despite a sell-off across most major asset classes. The bank still drew significant inflows from clients during the period and maintained a high rate of penetration in terms of AUM

What we said

Using its success in last year’s category for Best Private Bank – Fund Advisory as a foundation, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Asia has built out and enhanced what was already an extremely strong funds proposition, said Daniel Shane, editor, Asian Private Banker. For the Wall Street bank, it is not simply a question of the quantity of funds on its platform, but their quality and conviction, and how they are directly addressing the needs of what is a highly sophisticated and demanding client base. Once again, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Asia has proved beyond doubt why it is the trusted funds partner for the region’s wealthiest individual and family office clients.

Considering these points, Asian Private Banker would like to congratulate everyone at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management Asia on their richly-deserved success at the 12th Awards for Distinction, the region’s top private banking awards programme.

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