Awards for Distinction 2019 – Best Private Bank – Investment Advisory

Best Private Bank Investment Advisory


Credit Suisse

Best Private Bank – Investment Advisory

Rodolphe Larqué

head of managed solutions, Credit Suisse Private Banking Asia Pacific

“We are extremely proud of winning this award. It is a testament that we have the best investment advisory platform and honours our unique collaboration across product verticals. In fact, our strong partnership between Managed Solutions, Trading Solutions, CIO, Research, Sustainable Investments, Financing teams and orchestrated by our Investment Consulting team has enabled us to service our clients effectively across all their investments and advisory needs.

Our streamlined and flat structure, as well as local reporting lines have ensured faster and client centric decision making which drives our strong performance. Our cohesive Sales, Advisory and Product teams work closely together and with aligned interests, that has allowed us to work together to formulate and prioritise the best products and focus solutions with a consistent sales and advisory message to relationship managers and clients across multiple channels. Our state of the art platform enables us to deliver automated, suitable investment advice and as a result, our holistic offering is powerful and second-to-none in the industry.

In terms of sustainable investments, our Impact Advisory and Financing department has also continued to bring a wider range of expertise and innovative solutions to clients, growing AUM for sustainable investments in APAC, a topic which has drawn significant interest in recent years.”

Winners rationale

With 2019 being such a challenging year for banks despite the market recovery, it turned out to be even more vital for banks to provide the best-in-class solutions and advice and to demonstrate the all-round quality of its investment advisory business.

Credit Suisse’s unique local set-up — with a strong global alignment between products, investment consultants and relationship managers — distinguished itself from peers, which enabled the bank to provide holistic and trusted investment advisory services to clients. Under the new collaboration-focused sales and advisory model, front office, investment consultants, and product heads all report directly to the heads of the private bank, establishing a single forum that drives sales and advisory services and distributes consistent messages in a targeted manner to frontlines across digital and physical channels.

As the foundation of the bank’s advisory message, Credit Suisse’s chief investment officer represents the ‘Credit Suisse House View’, showcasing its capability as the engine driving investment performance, AUM growth, and client retention while establishing a remarkable risk-adjusted return track record over the past few years against its peers. In 2019, when a number of banks were taking profit from global equities as risk sentiment receded, Credit Suisse was one of the few banks that stayed disciplined and kept overweight on risk assets throughout the year, allowing the bank to generate attractive returns for clients.

Implementing Credit Suisse’s house view, best-in-class and high conviction strategies were offered across investment instruments, financing, strategic and wealth solutions, serving clients of every level of sophistication and receiving a warm reception by Asian clients.

Worth mentioning, as the core of the bank’s APAC growth, its managed solutions AUM —which includes funds, discretionary portfolios, and flat-fee advisory mandates — has grown steadily over the past five years. On the trading side, the bank’s dedicated coverage of active-trading oriented clients yielded remarkable returns with the Direct Access Client (DAC) business across equities, fixed income, FX, and structured products flows, growing by three times since 2014.

Credit Suisse Private Banking is Asian Private Banker’s Best Private Bank – Investment Advisory for 2019.

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