Awards for Distinction 2019 – Best Private Bank – Equity Advisory

Best Private Bank Equity Advisory


Bank Of Singapore

Best Private Bank – Equity Advisory

Marc Van de Walle

global head of products,Bank of Singapore

“We are proud of our equity advisory team for receiving this well-deserved accolade. At Bank of Singapore, we take our investment process very seriously, considering ideas debated with much intellectual rigour with input from the team of in-house research analysts, as well as a mosaic of information gleaned from across our unique open architecture model.

Our equity advisors across Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai come from diverse backgrounds in a deliberate attempt to spur diversity of thought, while being client-centric. Over the past year, we have given free rein to technology and data to give our advisors an unprecedented understanding of our business, transactional trends, and client positions. This has empowered them to make better investment decisions to achieve clients’ desired return and risk tolerance.”

Winners rationale

After a challenging year, equities saw an encouraging rebound in 2019, with major stock markets across both developed and emerging markets recording impressive returns. On the back of a robust investment and product team with leading equity research and advisory capabilities, Bank of Singapore offered a comprehensive suite of equities and derivatives strategies, delivering effective solutions and strong returns for clients.The backbone of the bank’s equity advisory business was its stock selection ability, based on its deep understanding of the market. That understanding had grown out of the strength of the in-house research analysts at the Singaporean bank, combined with external industry research and trading capabilities — as part of the bank’s open architecture model.

As a clear proof of its superior ability to generate positive investment ideas, the investment team’s ‘high conviction list’ — run with utmost transparency to both RMs and clients — generated outstanding returns. As of end August 2019, the hit rate of the team’s investment ideas stood at 89% year-to-date, with an average outperformance of 3.3% against its benchmark.

Beyond directional trading ideas, Bank of Singapore in 2019 also introduced multiple market-neutral investment products to help clients generate attractive returns, regardless of market direction. Innovative products in this area were the dispersion notes around key secular themes and outperformance notes, which have enjoyed strong performance since launch.

In terms of key enhancements to the advisory platform, Bank of Singapore’s equity business zeroed in on data. The business put into practice ‘targeted advisory’ with an applied machine-learning model, whereby content was matched to clients, RMs, and ICs based on relevancy. Eight months into 2019, over 20% of the bank’s equity advisory content was delivered in a targeted manner, and the number has kept rising since.

An enhanced platform with innovative trading ideas backed by a robust team has earned Bank of Singapore Asian Private Banker’s accolade of Best Private Bank – Equity Advisory.

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