Awards for Distinction 2018 – Best Private Bank – Thailand International



Credit Suisse


Marcus Slöör

market group head Thailand & Vietnam, Private Banking
Asia Pacific,
Credit Suisse

“We are delighted to be awarded Best Private Bank – Thailand International once again. Two years after we launched our wealth management business in Thailand, our team and assets have grown from strength to strength through our unique onshore-offshore model. Clients in Thailand are increasingly looking for global investment opportunities and our setup is well positioned to capture this booming demand. With Credit Suisse’s vision as the Trusted Entrepreneurs’ Bank of Asia, we are looking to systematically increase our collaboration efforts between our domestic investment banking franchise and our wealth management team.”

Winners rationale

Credit Suisse, embarking on its onshore wealth management setup in 2016, has once again underscored its credentials in a competitive Thailand international market, as Thai policymakers continue to relax controls in a bid to encourage the country’s wealthy to invest more. In 2018, the bank rolled out a number of initiatives that further strengthened the connectivity between its on- and offshore activities, in the process reinforcing its status as the go-to solutions provider for wealthy Thais.

Indeed, the number of onshore private banking teams has trebled year-on-year, net new assets have surged over the same period, and AUM for the client segment has risen on a steady annualised trajectory of 25% since 2015.

In entrusting their hard-earned wealth to Credit Suisse, Thai clients gain access to the Swiss bank’s global offering and Thai-specific solutions, including credit-linked notes with embedded Thai credit default swaps, structured products with Thai equity and index underlyings, and multi-shore lending capabilities introduced exclusively for Thai entrepreneurs last year.

Of course, not to be downplayed is the cross-divisional collaboration that underlines Credit Suisse’s compelling offering. Thai entrepreneurs are able to leverage Credit Suisse’s leading Thailand advisory and underwriting franchise and advance their businesses through deals handled by the Kingdom’s top investment bankers.

Further, Credit Suisse has impressed the Judging Panel with the amount of energy it has poured into its Thailand teams. As of last year, a team of more than 50 frontline staff — two-thirds being Thai — covered the Thailand market across the Singapore, Hong Kong, and Bangkok offices, with the average staff member possessing more than 10 years of private banking experience.

Credit Suisse is Asian Private Banker’s Best Private Bank – Thailand International for 2018.

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