Awards for Distinction 2018 – Best Private Bank – Next Generation Services

BEST PRIVATE BANK Next Generation Services


Credit Suisse

BEST PRIVATE BANK – Next Generation Services

Christine Tan

head of marketing and
branding APAC,
Credit Suisse

“As a leading global integrated bank, Credit Suisse focuses on building relationships not just with the current generation of clients who create and manage wealth, but also with the younger next generation inheriting the family legacy. We strive to equip the Next Generation of our clients with a better understanding of the challenges that families and their next generation face, and offer professional insights on how they can navigate the associated complexities.

From setting the foundation of an entrepreneurial education when they are at school age, preparing them in inheriting their family business to helping them and their family manage wealth transfer and succession planning, our programs follow our clients’ journey, beyond a one-off experience.”

Winners rationale

As the region witnesses the biggest intergenerational wealth transfer in history and millennials gain a larger share of the world’s wallet, private banks across Asia Pacific are vying for the attention — and business — of heirs to family fortunes and the entrepreneurs of tomorrow. From Generation Y to Z, Credit Suisse offers the future’s wealthy a holistic and differentiated range of programmes that prepare them for the responsibilities and challenges that accompany affluence.

Operating under the premise that it’s never too early to learn, Credit Suisse is the sole sponsor of the Young Founders School, a non-profit which gives young students the opportunity to be mentored by leading local entrepreneurs while creating pitch decks for their own startup ideas. Over the last two years, the 15 weekend-long bootcamps held in APAC have seen more than 1,000 students benefit from the wisdom imparted by more than 300 mentors.

Meanwhile, Credit Suisse’s annual Young Investor Programme aims to prepare heirs for continuing the legacy of their families’ businesses and wealth. Owing to the success of its Global Young Investors Programme as well as demand in the region, an APAC-specific programme was launched in 2011 and it has since hosted around 35 participants aged between 20 to 30 annually. Credit Suisse is also a sponsor of the Young Investor Organisation — an association that connects some of the world’s wealthiest families, offering young investors a network for idea exchange.

And for families nearing the succession process, Credit Suisse has developed the Family Ties Programme which provides inter-generational participants with a structured setting in which they can bond and communicate. Aspiring family offices are also granted an opportunity to network with their established counterparts as part of Credit Suisse’s Family Office Private Circle, while budding do-gooders have access to the bank’s Philanthropist Forum.

Reaching beyond its client base, Credit Suisse is endeavouring to connect with the region’s investors of tomorrow as well. At its Global Megatrends Conference in 2018, the bank formulated a panel for NextGen thought leadership. It also hosted talks in Malaysia on millennial entrepreneurship and impact investing, a panel in Indonesia on disruptive technologies, as well as Young Investor Workshops in Japan and Australia.

Credit Suisse’s comprehensive and relevant set of programmes that are designed to guide the next generation of investors throughout their succession and legacy-creation journeys makes the prospect of managing a fortune a lot less daunting and ensures the future is in good and capable hands.

Credit Suisse is Asian Private Banker’s Best Private Bank – Next Generation Services for 2018.

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