Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2019 – Best Fund Provider – Us Equity

Best Fund Provider Us Equity


Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Best Fund Provider – Us Equity

Dennis Lynch

managing director, head of Counterpoint Global, Morgan Stanley Investment Management

“The Counterpoint Global Team is committed to a long-term investment horizon and an avoidance of reacting to short-term events.

Our evolutionary mindset differentiates us from competitors. We attempt to identify future trends and how they can impact business growth — our Counterpoint Global Team has a distinctive culture that focuses on perspective rather than specialisation. The team manages strategies across the market cap spectrum and globally. We gain greater insight by researching and investing across the market cap spectrum with each team member typically following more than one industry where business models are distinctly different.

We will continue to focus on bottom-up stock selection.”

Winners rationale

While market swings, trade tensions, and broader geopolitical flare-ups kept investors busy in 2018, the US economy provided some solace from the storm, with the country’s equities notably outperforming other major global asset classes.

Morgan Stanley Investment Management emerged as a standout provider in the space, with one of its flagship strategies, the US Growth Fund, gaining recognition from the region’s leading fund selectors.

Since its launch in 1992, the fund has enjoyed consistent capital inflows, bringing its current AUM to US$2.5 billion. It has also outperformed its benchmark, the Russell 1000 Growth Net 30% Withholding Tax TR Index, on a one-, three-, and five-year basis.

Adopting a bottom-up approach, Morgan Stanley’s Counterpoint Global Team focuses on high-quality companies with a sustainable competitive advantage, business visibility, rising return on invested capital, free cash flow, and a favourable risk/reward profile. This long-term vision enables the firm to capitalise on secular growth without becoming distracted by short-term market events.

Further, and thanks to thorough fundamental due diligence and research, Morgan Stanley’s investment team holds a portfolio of high-quality growth stocks that it expects to perform regardless of market conditions. Indeed, heading into 2019 with late-cycle headwinds stirring and volatility rising, the team remains confident in its approach of assessing companies over longer-term horizons.

Backed by strong investment and distribution teams, Morgan Stanley Investment Management delivered in 2018 by providing long-term investment performance, high-quality servicing, and a comprehensive suite of solutions to the region’s private banking industry. Morgan Stanley Investment Management is the deserved recipient of the Best Fund Provider – US Equity award.

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