Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2019 – Best Fund Provider – Floating Rate Bond

Best Fund Provider Floating Rate Bond



Best Fund Provider – Floating Rate Bond

Clarence Lee

director, head of intermediary sales, Hong Kong, Invesco

“Invesco is one of the world’s leading fund management firms with over US$980 billion in assets under management and over 7,000 employees, as of 30 September 2018. We believe that our independence and sole focus on investment management is key to working with clients consultatively and delivering high-quality products that aim to produce superior investment performance, along with high-quality administration and client service.

As one of the largest managers of loan assets, Invesco’s substantial market presence and leadership position offer investors distinctive access to this asset class. With over 40 professionals in our Senior Loan team, we are able to capture both public and private opportunities across US and European markets. The scale of our senior loan platform also benefits investors through preferred access to new opportunities and top-tier allocations on deals that pass our rigorous credit process.

Winning this award is a significant recognition for Invesco which motivates our Private Banking team to deliver an investment experience that helps people get more out of life.”

Winners rationale

As monetary policies tighten and rates rise, the low interest rate risk and relatively enticing yields offered by floaters make senior loans particularly attractive to investors — especially as an effective duration hedge given how yields rise in lockstep with short-term rates. Yet, Asia’s asset managers are tested when seeking out high-quality senior loans.

Over the years, Invesco has garnered widespread recognition for its senior loan strategies from Asia’s gatekeepers, who praised the asset manager for achieving stability of returns, preservation of principal, and continuity of income over time.

Notably, as of the end of June 2018, Invesco’s European Senior Loan Strategy has outperformed its benchmark in every rolling three-year period since its inception in 2012, while the Invesco US Senior Loan Strategy has outperformed its respective benchmark in 98% of the rolling three-year periods since its 2006 launch.

As of end-June 2018, Invesco managed US$41.8 billion in client assets, predominantly comprising senior loans, making it one of the world’s largest loan managers and a significant player in both the primary and secondary floating rate fixed income markets. Further, the 46 members (as of 30 June 2018) of its senior loans team ensure clients have access to a range of actively and passively managed floating rate funds.

The scale of Invesco’s loan platform has in no way limited its ability to conduct in-depth research and perform due diligence. Instead, the asset manager has ceaselessly endeavoured to access underlying companies’ management-level financial data in order to make better-informed investment decisions over a full credit cycle.

The combination of Invesco’s adept management, stellar track record, and well-established investment processes did not go unnoticed by Asia’s private banking fund selectors, who voted the asset manager this year’s Best Fund Provider – Floating Rate Bond.

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