Asian Private Banker China Wealth Awards 2020 《亚洲私人银行家》中国财富奖

Asian Private Banker first launched the China Wealth Awards to recognise the best-of-breed private wealth managers that have blossomed alongside China and its expanding wealth landscape.

Now in their third year, the China Wealth Awards continue to honour the firms that have gone above-and-beyond to responsibly deliver compelling wealth management solutions and add value to China’s most moneyed individuals, families, and their businesses.

《亚洲私人银行家》推出“中国财富奖”的初衷是为了表彰与中国及其不断发展的财富格局 一同成长的最佳私人财富管理公司。


Timeline 日程

2020 Winners 获奖名单

Congratulations to the winners of the Asian Private Banker China Wealth Awards 2020! 恭喜以下获奖者。

Submission Guidelines And Submission Sheet 申请指南与提交表

The submission period for China Wealth Awards 2020 has ended.

If you wish to download the submission guidelines for your reference, please make a request via email:

2020 中国财富奖的申请期已结束。


Past Winners 历届获奖名单

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