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The future of client engagement: how can private banks deliver more effective and relevant advice, services and solutions to clients in the digital era?

Within the private wealth management sector, the inability for physical client engagement over the past six months has led private banks to focus their efforts on their digital and analytics infrastructure to enable them to serve their clients effectively. Beyond virtual meetings, the overarching challenge is how to understand and communicate – both internally and externally – changes to how banks now have to conduct business, and how new systems, analytics and data mechanisms can have as positive impact on performance. As private banks in Asia continue to grapple with the impact of forced change in how they operate – from being unable to travel to see clients, to reviewing portfolios remotely – how are they maximising all the relevant tools available to them, and galvanising their front line staff in preparedness for a ‘new normal’ in client engagement.

3 September 2020, 3pm HKT

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