APB’s 2022 Asia Private Banking Leaderboard

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Private banking Asia AUM up 6%

Top 20 private banks

Most private banks recorded a drop in assets in 2022, but assets under management (AUM) industry-wide still inched-up slightly when compared to 2020, at the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. There were numerous risers and fallers within the table, which provides a stark reminder of the struggles faced by the region’s private bankers.

Wealth continuum Asia AUM slows 4%

Top 5 wealth continuum players

Retail-linked banks are continuing to leverage their on ground expertise and presence in Asia to cater to the growing demands of clients across the wealth continuum.

Sustainable investment AUM crosses US$1 trillion

Private banks scale up investments

With sustainable investing becoming the next new normal, more private banks are investing in funds with a positive impact on the environment and/or society, while also generating financial returns.

Asia DPM penetration rates revealed

The region needs to play catch up

In Asia, private banks are seeing more demand for discretionary portfolio management, but the region still has a long way to go when compared to other regions. Only one private bank has hit 20% penetration rate in Asia.

Private banks investing in people

RM headcount on the rise

As the rich get richer and entrepreneurs multiply, private banks are hiring more relationship managers to capture the booming, next generation of wealth in Asia.


*Note: Comparing to 2020 figures as 2021 figures were not available for some banks